Our Ambassadors




Ambassador Andrea Weidinger

Andrea Weidinger

Director, ITS Congress


"As a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, Hamburg has a welcoming culture for innovations and offers startups an excellent environment to grow. The Future Hamburg Award makes the many success stories from the startup scene visible and shows young companies the opportunities that Hamburg offers them as a location."

Ambassador Andreas Kleinau

Dr. Andreas Kleinau

CEO, HafenCity Hamburg


“Startups have always stood for renewal and social progress. In addition to compelling ideas and entrepreneurial spirit, the right urban environment with the appropriate conditions is also needed to generate sustainable success from them. Future-oriented urban development, as is taking place in many places in Hamburg, offers the ideal conditions for this.”

Ambassador Evelyn Diemann

Evelyn Diemann

Founder, Markenbewegung


„The Future Hamburg Award is a stepping stone for international startups and a central networking hub to local multipliers, diverse startup initiatives and funding opportunities in Hamburg (the main prize Silicon Valley is almost secondary). Hamburg offers optimal conditions for startups, as the startup ecosystem is extremely (globally) open and thus follows the tradition "gateway to the world."“

Ambassador Harald Neidhardt

Harald Neidhardt

CEO and Curator, futur/io Institute


"Hamburg is an important city of innovation and a gateway to the world of tomorrow. The Future Hamburg Award is the chance to innovate within a real lab environment towards sustainable and desirable futures."

Ambassador Joana Gil

Joana Gil

Founder, LignoPure


"Winning the Future Hamburg Award opened doors for us to networks, clients and investors at a very early stage. It was exactly what our company needed at that time and we were able to speed up our proof of concept and start LignoPure’s first financing round. I want to encourage more startups to come to Hamburg and benefit from the incredible ecosystem that the city has to offer with the perfect combination of innovation, academia and industry maturity.“

Ambassador Johannes Berg

Johannes Berg

Managing Director, Digital Hub Logistics


„Hamburg's history is paved with economic success stories! In order to write a new succesful chapter in the future, innovation is needed. And who embodies an innovative spirit more than start-ups and young founders? The Hamburg Future Award is the perfect platform on which your innovation can find ist role in Hamburg`s future!”

Ambassador Katja Diehl

Katja Diehl

Initiator and host, She drives mobility


„Hamburg is my home port. So it makes me all the more proud that in 2021 we will not only be hosting the ITS Congress, but also welcoming international startups that are changing the world of transportation for the benefit of the environment and people – because that's what technology is really all about: inclusive and climate-friendly mobility.“

Ambassador Nir Gartzman

Nir Gartzmann

Founder and Managing Partner, theDOCK


“Hamburg, from its Hanseatic roots, through the sound academic institutes, till the current modern metropolitan could serve as a perfect segue for any founders which aspire to thrive. The maritime & logistics domain is encapsulating within tradition alongside great opportunities for change. To succeed in its future, one should be in a place that offers the right balance between legacy industry and innovative atmosphere - Hamburg is a rare example of such!”

Ambassador Saeed Amidid

Saeed Amidi

Founder and CEO, Plug and Play Tech Center


“If I am an entrepreneur or a startup, a couple of things are very important for me. One is the technology and the team that is going to implement the idea. Then you need a willing partner like the City of Hamburg to define the problem and work together towards the solution. And of course, you need funding and money. The Future Hamburg Award is offering all of this and gives also recognition to a great startup, and its technology, which is sometimes the most important element of the startup’s journey.“