The winners of the Future Hamburg Award 2021

We set out to find startups aiming to shape the city of the future with their business models. Inspiring and innovative startups from 15 countries applied for the Future Hamburg Award 2021. Here are our three winning startups:


Our Top Three

The three award-winning top startups can expect a customized program in Hamburg with the chance to further develop their business model and prototypes on site and to make important contacts. The top-ranked startup will also have the opportunity to participate in a four-week international startup program in Silicon Valley.

1st place: Breeze Technologies

Artificial Intelligence Against Air Pollution

Founded in 2017, Breeze Technologies provides local, comprehensive air quality data and AI-based decision support for air pollution control measures, making a decisive contribution to CO2 reduction. Based on more than 3500 recommended actions, Breeze Technologies enables the comparison of emissions of individual cities so that the effectiveness of measures can be evaluated. As a cloud-based application, the company can draw on a very large, DSGVO-compliant data set. For the expert jury, the decisive factor was that Breeze Technologies brings together impact and monetization. The successful bootstrapping and the company's success to date show: This business model has great potential in a global market.

2nd place: Traceless

Materials designed for nature

Traceless, founded in 2020, is a bioeconomy startup that offers a holistically sustainable alternative to conventional plastics and therefore gets to the root of the plastic problem: Instead of just reducing, the aim is to find resource-saving alternatives to plastic. The highly innovative alternative materials developed are environmentally friendly and can be composted without the need for costly recycling processes. The jury was particularly impressed by Traceless' team's great expertise in business and biotech. The award is intended to be a boost for the young startup in its seed phase, enabling rapid growth.

Infinite Mobility

3rd place: Infinite Mobility

Mobility powered by the Sun

Founded in 2020, the startup develops lightweight vehicles powered by solar energy for urban mobility. The startup thus offers new solutions for the last mile. The jury experts were particularly impressed by the wide range of possible applications and the high disruption potential of the business idea, which is still in the pre-seed phase. If the startup's predictions are confirmed, Infinite Mobility will quickly be able to achieve high market shares. Therefore, the startup is also a highly interesting case for the ITS to be held in Hamburg in the fall of 2021.

Winners of the bonus prize


The Hamburg Port Authority's (HPA) innovation campus homePORT is making its test site available exclusively to the two startups KONVOI and Blue Atlas Robotics.



Prevent cargo theft!

KONVOI is developing a preventive security system for parked trucks based on sensors and mashine learning. This is intended to make the stationary period of trucks significantly safer - robberies have become a major problem here internationally in recent years. Through KONVOI, the security of trucks is implemented autonomously using the latest technology and the safety of drivers is significantly increased..

Blue Atlas Robotics

Blue Atlas Robotics

Autonomous Underwater Inspection Solutions

Blue Atlas Robotics is modernizing underwater monitoring and inspection of ships and other structures in the marine environment through cross-industry collaboration and autonomous analytics technology. The startup is currently working with various shipping companies on prototypes and custom product solutions.

We are looking forward to the news of our winning startups from Silicon Valley and Hamburg. Who knows, maybe we found the next Unicorn here!

A big thank you to all the startups who applied, to our ambassadors who spread the award's messages, and of course to our jury who supported us with their expertise in the selection process. 

Future Hamburg Award

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