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The podcast addresses everyone who is interested in Hamburg innovations and the creatives behind them. Our goal is to get people with very different professional and scientific backgrounds together and talking. Groundbreaking innovations are made from new connections. The podcast informs people about the innovation landscape of Hamburg’s metropolitan region and offers ideal possibilities for inspiration and new connections between local players.

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Podcast playlist

#4 – HAW x Infected

In the fourth episode, the playful use of technology and science meets entrepreneurial curiosity and creative ambitions. Our guests are Kai von Luck, professor at the HAW Hamburg for the topic computer science, and Henning Westerwelle, managing director of the Infected GmbH.

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#3 Cisco x ECE

The third episode is about accelarators programmes for innovative ideas and startups that have focused on digitalzing our society. Our guests are Mirko Bass, Tech Entrepreneur at Cisco Germany, and Rando Aust, Head of Corporate Citizenship and Public Affairs at ECE.

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This interview brings together two eminent experts and visionaries on the topic of New Mobility, Smart City and Smart Citizen. Harald Neidhardt from MLOVE and Henrik Falk, Chief Executive of Hamburg’s Hochbahn AG, discuss their ideas and projects for tomorrow’s Hamburg.

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#1 Hamburg Port Authority x SpiceVR

Dr. Sebastian Saxe and Nicolas Chibac talk about upcoming technologies and innovative solutions for the Port of Hamburg.

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