TOP 12: Hamburg among the nominees for the European Capital of Innovation Award - endowed with 1 million Euro.

As a participant in the European Capital of Innovation Award (I-Capital Award) competition, the Hanseatic city has made it into the top 12 of the nominated cities. The 12 nominees now include Hamburg, Aarhus, Antwerp, Athens, Bristol, Gothenburg, Leuven, Lisbon, Madrid, Toulouse, Umeå and Vienna ( Last year’s winner was the French capital Paris. “The nomination shows that we are on the right track to actively shape the growth of our city through innovation and to combine it with an improvement in economic strength, quality of life and climate friendliness,” says Hamburg’s First Mayor Peter Tschentscher.

And this is how Hamburg portrayed itself in its application film:

The positive decision from Brussels strengthens our positioning and profiling of Hamburg as a responsible and future-oriented innovation location,” says Dr. Rolf Strittmatter, CEO of Hamburg Marketing GmbH. “Cities in Europe, but also throughout the world, face similar challenges everywhere. The European Capital of Innovation Award promotes the exchange of innovative solutions between European cities and contributes to securing and increasing the economic strength and competitiveness of our city and thus also the quality of life of our citizens. This is the real benefit for Hamburg.”