In the Future Taxi on the way to the Hamburg of tomorrow!
Who are the impulse generators and the drivers? Get in and ride with us!

In the rolling Future Hamburg interview format, we experience the movers and shakers of Hamburg innovations. Today, the Hanseatic city is the centre of one of the most dynamic economic regions in Europe. The metropolitan region with over 5 million inhabitants is home to industries of the future ranging from life sciences to fintech. Hamburg is not only a trade and media hub and the third largest civil aviation location in the world, but also a centre for basic research and Germany’s number one joint start-up hub.

Part One: Katharina Fegebank and a surprise guest

Today we go to the City Science Lab in HafenCity. Our passenger: none other than Hamburg’s Second Mayor Katharina Fegebank! While driving in the unusual taxi, she talks about exciting projects and reveals how tomorrow’s trends are tracked down and implemented. Inno-Scouts are always on the lookout for promising innovations. Science is a decisive driver for Hamburg’s industries of the future. And in the end, another prominent passenger joins them.


Part two: Marcell Jansen on the future of Hamburg

In the second part of our trip we will take a closer look at the city’s enthusiasm for sports and its development. The former football national player Marcell Jansen invests in innovative solutions and talks to us about health and entrepreneurship. In dialogue with Hamburg’s Second Mayor, Katharina Fegebank, we take a look into the year 2030.