Welcome to future.hamburg! We bring together the makers and stakeholders of innovations from Hamburg. Here you can find helpful contacts, networking opportunities and accelerators for your business.

Accelerator Programmes are examples of how growth can be accelerated. As well as professional coaching resources and seed finance, they also offer valuable networks. In Hamburg, every industry of the future now has its own accelerators. More and more of them spring up each year. Many people ask themselves: Which accelerator is the right one for me?

Hamburg is currently the city with the most new businesses being started up in all of Germany and, according to numerous studies, with its Port, its Elbphilharmonie and its green surroundings, is one of the most liveable major cities in the world. Here, creative new business ideas soon turn into successful business models.


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Are you a manager or a developer in an innovative business? A start-up with an amazing business idea or an investor? On future.hamburg you can present your projects, tap into helpful networks and get in contact with the innovators themselves!

Did you know that these innovations in industries of the future such as VR / AI, 3D-printing, environment, logistics and mobility all come from Hamburg?

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Contacts to ask and individual advice on all aspects of the Hamburg innovation landscape:

Veronika Reichboth

Hamburg Invest


Christoph Kober

Hamburg Invest
Key Account Management


More information about the accelerators:

Airbus BizLab: www.airbus-bizlab.com
Next Logistic Accelerator: www.nla.vc
Next Commerce Accelarator:www.nca.vc
Next Media Accelerator: www.nma.vc
Comdirekt Startup Garage: www.comdirect-garage.de
Social Impact Lab: www.hamburg.socialimpactlab.eu
Music Worx: www.music-worx.de