Startup-Unit hilft bei Vernetzung

Yet people above all are shaping Hamburg’s ecosystem and making it distinctive. Active, determined and keen to lauch swiftly on the international stage from the Elbe, we would now like to introduce just some of the movers and shakers in the scene.

Veronika Reichboth, Manager of the Hamburg Invest Startup Unit, frequently arrives suitcase in hand at the office. “We presented Hamburg’s startup ecosystem and the unit in several countries for example in Estonia, at the South by Southwest (SXSW) international creative digital fair in Austin, Texas, in Budapest, Tel Aviv, Scandinavia and Lisbon. We want to build on that this year.”

Wiebke Brandt

Wiebke Brandt

More and more young founders are taking advantage of the free advice given by the Startup Unit. Many business ideas are enriching the quality of life in Hamburg.

“A striking number of startups with a sustainable business idea are launching here at present."

“The spirit of Hamburg’s startup scene is hard to pinpoint, but it is unique worldwide…. Hanseatic clear, straight and purposeful, but at the same time incredibly experimental and creative.”

Founded in 2018, the Startup-Unit Hamburg strives to raise the visibility of Hamburg’s ecosystem nationally and internationally and to stir up enthusiasm for the city among even more founders and entrepreneurs. The Startup-Unit is a one-stop agency for all those seeking information about innovative startups, events and conferences, colleges and universities, public funding bodies, clusters, incubators and accelerators.

Free consultation for startups

“A striking number of startups with a sustainable business idea are launching here at present,“ says Wiebke Brandt, who offers free consultation hours at the Startup Unit regularly. Wiebke has a competent answer for everything – whether it’s queries about financing, business form, location or network – and can forward you to the right contact, should the need arise. As demand is high, those requesting advice should make an appointment early.

The three, young Hamburg-based engineers Natalia Tomiyama, Fahad Khan and Sandro Rabbiosi are aiming for sustainability. Their Nüwiel startup is pioneering intelligent bicycle trailers for transport to make mobility even more environment-friendly in Hamburg. Click on the interview and film to learn more about their endeavours.

Bang in the middle – and always there

The names, Sanja Stankovic and Sina Gritzuhn, are inextricably linked to the Hamburg ecosystem. Almost six years ago, the duo founded the private initiative hamburg startups and have been stirring up the scene ever since: Once a year, they accompany select founders to the world’s biggest creative digital festival South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. They and their growing team also organise the Reeperbahn Startup Pitch every autumn. Their Hamburg Startup Monitor presently counts around 700 Hamburg registered founders.

"Fintechs and food startups in particular have grown rapidly in recent years.“

Sanja Stankovic and<br />
Sina Gritzuhn

Sanja Stankovic and
Sina Gritzuhn

Hats and drones

The scene is barely imaginable without Nicolas Chibac. At the beginning of his career, he sported a hat and was rarely without his Spherie drone, whereas nowadays, he is often seen in casual business attire. Chibac, like hardly anyone else, stands for Hamburg’s futuristic virtual reality (VR) scene.

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality are inspiring not only the community, but also political and scientific spheres. This enthusiasm eventually led to the nextReality.Hamburg e.V. association, which offers a new Master’s course in digital reality and, of course, the VR headquarters in Hamburg’s Speicherstadt. The traditional port industry has also taken inspiration from Chibac. Bring founders and big names in traditional industries like port management together, and you come up with something amazing, as our podcast shows: