Private transport increasingly suffocates our cities. But any alternative to a privately owned car must be comfortable. It has to be flexible. Using it needs to be uncomplicated. That's exactly what the future will be like – and what the city of Hamburg is striving for.

Public transport alone will not replace private cars

There are already many alternatives to using one‘s own car – buses,  trains, taxis, car sharing, bike sharing and increasingly also on-demand services. The only problem is that you have to become a customer and need to use a separate app for each individual serivice. This really makes things complicated.

All means of transport easily accessable

With the switchh project, the Hamburger Hochbahn wants to start a new type of joint mobility offer. At the heart of switchh is an intelligent network of all public transport services. The aim is to offer the city commuter simple, comprehensive assess to diverse transportation offers.

switchh raises awareness of a new type of urban mobility without owning a car and should create incentives to reduce private car use or private car ownership. The basis for this is the switchh platform. It will be realized in close cooperation with Upstream next level mobility GmbH, a subsidiary of Wiener Linien, the urban transport provider of the city of Vienna.

The user only needs one registration and validation to access vendor-wide overview and billing. For the use of the various mobility products a common medium is under development: the switchh app. It is intended to cover the entire range of applications – from the information via the reservation and booking process to the access and use of the respective means of transport.

One solution for any mobility need

The aim of switchh is a digital infrastructure for urban mobility that links all publicly available services and later also includes the associated infrastructure (bus and train stops, P+R or B+R facilities as well as parking lots).

In times of increasing digitization, switchh should provide reliable digital access to urban mobility – whether by train, bus, taxi or sharing.

The Hochbahn wants to use switchh to provide the management and the digital infrastructure for a provider-wide mobility service. In terms of the city’s transport policy, the solution is expected to achieve better utilization of different means of transport and thus less dormant and flowing traffic. This mobility solution is meant to be an alternative to the private car. It will relieve high-density neighborhoods and offers prospects for the development of new quarters with less cars.

From a green point of view, the idea of an environmentally friendly transportation network is reaching a totally new quality. Shared vehicles will relieve the individual traffic. Increasingly electric vehicles for car sharing and public transport will have a positive impact on air quality and the environment.

As of September 2019

in Numbers

bus stops
underground and train stops
switchh points in the city of Hamburg
carsharing vehicles from 3 suppliers
bicycles from StadtRAD Hamburg


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