Successful marketing requires not only accurate knowledge of the target group and their needs. Crucial is also the ability to test ideas quickly in order to make informed decisions.

The challenge: Quick insights for informed decisions

The processes of conventional market research are complex, time-consuming and costly even in the digital age. At the same time, detailled insights into consumer behavior are more important than ever.

Market research in the digital age should help to quickly, efficiently and easily gain all the crucial insights in order to turn them into informed business decisions.

The solution: From questions to relevant answers

Dr. Lucas Bremer and Dr. Thomas Fendrich are internationally recognized marketing scientists. They are considered to be experts for quantitative market research for the analysis of the customer behavior. Their research was conducted at renowned universities in New York, Istanbul, Kiel and Hamburg.

Together with Peter Aschmoneit, an experienced marketing manager in the consumer goods industry, they developed quantilope: a web-based technology platform with intelligent, automated tools based on modern and scientifically proven methods. The innovative software backing this platform covers the entire market research process – from the question via data collection and analysis all the way to communication. This enables companies to measure, understand and interact with customers’ needs in real time, both internally and externally.

quantilope offers a comprehensive range of modern, agile methods of quantitative market research. These include A / B tests, Net Promoter Score®, driver analysis, maximum-difference scaling, conjoint as well as neuro-scientific methods.

With Quantilope, high-quality market research becomes accessible for big and small companies alike. This solution is not only aimed at the approximately 100 leading brands in Germany. It also focuses on advertising agencies, market research institutes and independent consultants.

At a time when 95% of households are on the Internet, quantilope uses fast online panels to generate representative data in the shortest possible time. This allows the targeted management of brands by analyzing perceptions, opinions and habits. It also supports the development of products from the original idea all the way to a successful solution. Processes that used to take several weeks are completed within a few days thanks to a high degree of automation.

Artificial intelligence is used in numerous tasks – for example, in the driver analysis to discover the crucial buying motives. In addition, the software modules rely on machine learning and the latest algorithms for linking and analyzing marketing data.

Sophisticated word stem recognition makes it possible to automatically draw the right conclusions from freely formulated answers.

The automated and flexible tools are well also suited for many issues beyond marketing and product management: demand planning in e-commerce, HR, employer branding and business development.

The potential: International solution for global markets

The headquarters of quantilope is Hamburg and this will also stay that way. The company was founded in 2014 after the founders received project funding under the EXIST program of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. In addition, the project is supported by well-known international investors such as Dawn Capital, Senovo and Surplus.

quantilope hast about 50 employees and is on a strong expansion course. For the immediate future, the primary focus is on internationalization and further software development. In another round of financing in October 2018, quantilope received another 8 million US$ raising total funding to 12 million US$.

As of September 2019

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