Virtual reality is one of the key innovations of tomorrow. In the future, live concerts will no longer require spectators to go to a concert hall.

The challenge: making concerts accessible to everyone

Concert halls and other venues have limited capacity. Therefore, concerts of popular artists are usually sold out months in advance. On the other hand, an aspiring artist must already have a very high profile in order to fill a concert hall.

Ideal would be a technology that brings concerts directly to your home. But not just in audio-visual form as we know it, but in a totally immersive way that fully delivers the experience of being right in the music hall.

The solution: A VR headset, a concert, an evening with like-minded people

VR headsets have reached a price level that makes them an interesting gadget for the consumer sector. Gamers are aware of this fact. But Virtual Reality also offers the music industry new opportunities to increase the popularity of artists and open live concerts for a broad audience.

That’s what Fatih Inan and Fabio Buccheri realized when they came in contact with VR for the first time in 2014. Both shared a strong enthusiasm for music and immediately started to combine this technology with their passion. They brought motion designer Jörg Kahlhöfer into the team and asked Pascal Kuemper to take over the strategic-operational aspect. NOYS VR was born. The young startup received an EXIST grant from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and focused on developing a solution to virtualize concerts that will later be distributed through an Internet platform of the same name.

NOYS VR offers musicians an interactive platform to perform in virtual space. The concerts are recorded by a special camera and streamed into a three-dimensional, virtual environment. This can be a real venue that has been scanned in advance, or it is an imaginative, purely virtual environment in which spectators can move freely.

Such a virtual concert offers a high degree of interactivity. Spectators turn into avatars and become part of a big community. They can see each other and communicate with each other. In addition, a concert can be experienced both as a public performance, viewed by a limited group of like-minded people or simply by an individual.

Potential: A portal that brings together musicians and spectators

Presently, NOYS VR is still in its test phase. If you buy a VR headset, you can download the NOYS VR app from the App Store and access the platform. At the moment it offers a selection of exemplary concerts. They give a first impression of the virtual concert world of tomorrow and demonstrate the fascination of a virtual concert, which feels much like being live on site without having to leave the home.

A possible scenario for the future is the expansion of a sold out live event to an unlimited number spectators in virtual space. Emerging musicians can introduce themselves to their audience in a much more impressive way than has previously been possible. Even the live interaction between artist and audience is possible.

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