Proof of identity in Germany has been identified with the postident until now. But this procedure does not really fit into our digital age. With NECT identifying oneself is quicker, easier and can be done directly from home.

If you have a smartphone, you can identify yourself

Many businesses are simply not possible without proof of identification. For example, to prevent money laundering and terrorism, the owners of bank accounts and telephone numbers need to be known. Effective fraud prevention also requires knowing the identity of a customer, especially when doing business over the Internet.

On site this is no problem, because everyone can identify himself by simply showing a passport. But in the digital world, it is quite cumbersome to first print out a form only to identify oneself at the counter of the postal service via Postident. Just as it is rather complex to deal with an app, to prove one’s identity to a call center agent. What is needed here is a solution that works intuitively and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Easy identification via mobile app

Benny Bennet Jürgens is a computer scientist who worked for several years in an insurance company. In his industry, it was known that the traditional methods of identification are not only time consuming and quite cumbersome. They also overwhelm many customers, who for this very reason refrain from registering.

There must be a better way, thought the native of Hamburg. Better than calling a service center, where you have to wait for a long time for an employee who will verbally lead you through the entire authorization process. Much better than the traditional Postident method, which represents a media break and is actually outdated.

Benny Bennet Jürgens started his own business together with Carlo Ulbrich in 2016 and both immediately went about realizing their idea. The result convinced immediately and soon the young startup received renown awards: 1st place in the Startup Pitch 2017 of the Deutsche Bahn, 1st place in the competition “Gründergeist 2017 of the Wirtschaftsjunioren Hamburg, 1st place at the KPMG Smart Start Award 2017, 1. Place at the inQventures Start-up Boostival 2018 and 1st place at the German Excellence Award 2019.

In 2018 Jürgens was named founder of the year 2018 in the Software category. To date, the team has received over 15 awards for its innovative power. Customers and users are also thrilled, as shown for example by an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars in the AppStore.

The business idea of NECT is based on two products: Selfie Ident and Card Ident.

Selfie Ident allows easy identification without any manual support. The user is guided through the entire process in just 3 uncomplicated steps. He just takes a selfie of himself and then takes a picture of the front and back of his identity card.

Card Ident is designed to capture the identity of a customer at the point of sale. The sales consultant simply scans the front and back of the ID card with his cell phone. The data is then automatically collected and loaded to the system. This saves time and clearly documents the identity of the customer.

Well-known software providers have been working unsuccessfully since 2016 on an AI-based identity identification solution. Within just one year, NECT was able to overtake these competitors and provide the insurance industry with the first fully automated identification system. The development of this innovation was made possible by the promotion of IFB Bank Hamburg.

Simple solutions are often the best ideas

Selfie Ident and Card Ident are simple solutions that allow quick identification without the customer having to overcome time-consuming procedures or technical hurdles. Both procedures went live in 2018 and have since been used by several well-known insurers.

So far, the clear identification of the customer was a very significant hurdle, which probably thwarted many a purchase decision. But the first users of Selfie Ident confirm that the cancellation rate of the identification process is considerably reduced.

It pays to think about how to simplify an unsatisfactory process.

As of September 2019

in Numbers

applications for identification via mobile app
minutes for identification (maximum)
lower dropout rate compared to previous methods
5 million
users (as of 2018)

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