Whether it's an appointment, a consultation or a prescription, communicating with the doctor means talking on the phone, waiting, losing time. In the age of WhatsApp this should actually be easier and faster.

Challenge: Faster communication, accelerated processes

Communication with the doctor’s office still means communicating by phone. Documents are sent by letter. Even repeated recipes for long-term treatment require a visit to the practice each time. This is not only time-consuming and cumbersome, but definitely out of date.

In addition, many a doctor’s visits actually are not necessary. Remote treatment is already permitted today. A cold, a flu or some other everyday complaint could therefore easily be diagnosed on the phone. From 2020 e-prescriptions will be accepted, which no longer require paperwork and simplify the communication between patient, doctor and pharmacy.

All this speaks in favor of digital communication between patient and doctor via a messenger system. It also calls for the digital management and exchange of documents via a secure and protected platform.

Solution: A messenger for health communication

Kanon Systems GmbH was founded in 2018 by Ali Babakhani and is the result of numerous discussions with doctors as well as personal experience as a patient. This resulted in a project in the environment of the Hamburg Health Innovation Port. HIP is a platform for startups in the healthcare sector working with established players from the healthcare industry to find solutions for the future of the healthcare system. The project was realized completely without external funding.

The goal of Kanon Systems is digital networking between physicians and patients. The focus is on the Messenger Kanon Health and the associated system environment, which has been developed since 2015 and is now available in the 12th version.

The look and feel of the app is based on the familiar handling of known messengers such as WhatsApp. It is designed to transfer the communication between doctors, practices and patients to the practices typical of the digital age. The solution is backed by a cloud solution that offers not only a chat function but also document management for diagnosis, lab reports and other medical documents. All data are encrypted according to the military standard AES256 while data traffic is encrypted according to a TLS 1.3 certificate.

Using the chat function, patients can chat with the doctor’s practice and, for example, make appointments or contact their doctor from any location. Documents are stored directly in the app, so users always have their medical history with them.

For the doctor, Kanon Health means a significant simplification and acceleration of the processes in the office. Time-consuming phone calls will take place via the app. Questions can be clarified quickly and appointments can be assigned directly on screen. In addition, documents can be exchanged digitally between doctor and patient and among physicians, without first having to be copied and sent by mail. Kanon Systems assumes that the time savings will be around 25 hours per month. Additionally, there are savings of material and postage costs.

Potential: Patient retention and new services

After a practical test with a Hamburg doctor’s office, Kanon Health has been in beta phase since the beginning of 2019 with initially 5 Hamburg doctors. This practical test is to be successively extended to 20 physicians with whom Kanon Systems is already in contact.

After successful completion of the beta phase Kanon Systems wants to start in 2019 the active distribution of the solution. First, key multipliers in the health sector will be addressed. Doctors who are enabled for the system will then automatically appear in the app, which patients can already download since the beginning of 2019.

Additional services that are not billed through the insurance are an important aspect of the efficiency of a doctor’s office. Kanon Health also offers cash-desk patients the opportunity to consult their doctor as a self-payer. This opens up new sales potential for the doctor and can save patients time-consuming doctor visits, as many health-related questions can be clarified directly via the app.

In addition to direct physician / patient contact, Kanon Health also supports dialogue and document exchange between physicians, hospitals and medical care centers.

As of September 2019

Kanon Health
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hours per month time savings in the doctor's office
functions in one app (chat, documents, consultation)

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