A CleverShuttle is more convenient than the bus and almost as flexible as a taxi. It stops exactly where you want to be picked up and takes you to any desired destination. Being a ride pooling service, it will pick up other passengers along the way who have about the same destination.

Mobility for the city of tomorrow

In the densely populated urban area, owning a car is no longer the best way of getting around. Constant traffic jams are tugging at the nerves. Parking space is scarce and the environmental impact is significant. But buses and trains are not always available when you need them and rarely take you exactly to where you want to go.

An alternative is ride pooling – people who travel in the same direction, share a vehicle with a driver, which picks them up everywhere and brings them exactly to the desired destination. The fact that mainly vehicles with alternative drives (battery, hydrogen) are used speaks for a future oriented concept.

A startup from Berlin has implemented ride pooling in a particularly intelligent way and met with open ears, especially in Hamburg.

A shuttle that reaches every destination

In 2014, three Berlin friends had an idea that was to become a successful company. Bruno Ginnuth, Jan Hofmann and Slava Churilin noticed that the taxis that started at the main station or airport often headed into the same direction and had more or less the same destination. It makes sense to combine multiple trips and handle them with only one vehicle, was their idea, and they decided to turn their discoveries into a business model.

In 2015, they founded a company and named it CleverShuttle – the clever alternative between taxi and public transit. In the beginning, there were 18 investors who supported this concept. Today, the company is 80% owned by Deutsche Bahn and is intended to ensure mobility from the train station to just about any destination in the city. Shortly you will be able to book a CleverShuttle directly via the DB Navigator app, which will then wait directly at the station to take you wherever you want.

CleverShuttle is currently represented in 6 German cities. A trip is booked via an app that automatically determines the current location of the passenger.

The service is also available in Hamburg since the end of 2017 and is part of the city’s versatile mobility offers. Unlike other providers CleverShuttle knows no fixed stops, but picks up the passenger at any address. Another special feature is that you can pay for a ride on the CleverShuttle by either credit card, Paypal or cash. That also differentiates CleverShuttle from other providers.

Ride pooling with green energy

In Hamburg CleverShuttle started with a fleet of 50 electric (E-Golf) and hydrogen powered vehicles (Toyota Mirai, Hyundai ix35). Hamburg is leading in the field of hydrogen and already has three filling stations offering hydrogen exclusively produced from wind energy. For its electric vehicles, CleverShuttle will build its own charging infrastructure in 2019.

“In Hamburg, we met a forward-looking mindset,” says CleverShuttle spokesman Fabio Adlassnigg: “They supported us from the start and paved the way.”

On average, a vehicle is traveling up to 800 km per day. From Thursday to Monday evenings the shuttles can be booked around the clock. On the remaining days, the company rests between 5 and 8 o’clock in the morning. The drivers are exclusively employed by CleverShuttle and are paid according to company information clearly above minimum wage. As part of its corporate philosophy, CleverShuttle principally does not rely on subcontractor structures.

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