Good decisions are a matter of knowledge and experience. Artificial intelligence works much the same way. The knowledge is provided by the data. The experience is in the software – and this software works now without the need of any data scientists.

Making AI available on a broad basis

AI recognizes the subtle information hidden in existing databases and derives valuable information about future developments.

What is the risk of termination of a new customer? What is the likelihood of fraudulent intentions? What sales potential and what returns can be expected in a new business? AI analyzes customer behavior and provides solid development assessments as well as valuable predictions about opportunities and risks. But setting up such a system is anything but trivial.

In order to make a breakthrough for AI, an AI solution has to be much easier to implement and the connection to the company’s processes must be almost automatic. Only a plug-and-play system that can do without costly data scientists can open up the power of AI for medium-sized companies.

The objective here is a self-learning AI system that can easily be connected to any existing data source. Such a system uses any historical data to train neural networks and to provide sound forecasts for current issues.

Intelligent from implementation to results

It all began with mechanical engineering and two Hamburg software engineers who developed self-learning controllers for machines.

But the two quickly realized that there are far more areas of application for intelligent software than just machines and got into the subject of artificial intelligence. After three years of intensive software development they introduced a distributed learning technology that is unique in the world of artificial intelligence.

The name: Brainalyzed INSIGHT. The goal: Artificial intelligence, which works without costly data scientists and delivers directly usable insights. The Idea: A self-learning business application that contains everything needed to set up and train AI data swarms and turn historical data into concrete answers and assessments without further ado.

Brainalyzed INSIGHT can be easily connected to different data sources (files, databases, cloud) to form different data sets. The user tells the system what kind of assessments he wants to have and the system trains itself on the basis of existing data, finds relevant information and uses several neural networks to generate the desired insights.

The generated AI swarms can be used for manual forecasts as well as integrated directly into existing business processes via an interface.

In other words: Brainalyzed INSIGHT is a distributed Deep Learning Software for Artificial Swarm Intelligence (ASI) that makes Artificial Intelligence (AI) accessible to smaller businesses. It optimizes itself and is based on a complete swarm of intelligent algorithms that can be specifically defined.

Many industries, different applications

Brainalyzed Finance GmbH, headquartered in Bad Bramstedt in the Hamburg metropolitan region, is responsible for the operational business of the company. Close to Hamburg, one of the financial centers in Germany, the founders find an optimal environment and are in constant contact with AI Meetups and the local fintech scene. The first major customer is also just outside the gates of the Hanseatic city.

As the name implies, Brainalyzed Finance focuses initially on financial industry applications (banking, fintech, insurance). But the spectrum of feasible applications is wide and can be tailored to wide range of different industries.

The team around Gunter Fischer and Thomas Kopetsch is growing fast. The market entry for Brainalyzed INSIGHT is scheduled for mid-2019. In the start-up phase, the company primarily focused on project business. The goal, however, is licensing business with a ready-to-use Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that can leverage its strengths, especially in mid-sized companies.

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