Future Hamburg Award 2023: Here are our top 10 Candidates

Future Hamburg Award 2023: Shortlist

We would like to thank the numerous entries from 28 countries. The large selection of applications made it very difficult for us to choose. Every single startup is a winner for our future with promising innovations for the city!


We are pleased to announce the shortlist for the Future Hamburg Award 2023 (in alphabetic order):

Action Energy Finance Firmenlogo

Action Energy Market

Action Energy Market’s core functionality is to make the buying and financing process easy for the Buyer, generate valuable deal flow both for Service Providers and make it possible for Investors to profitably invest in pooled entities of small sized energy assets.


AraBat’s technology is based on the use of organic acids and food waste, such as citric acid and simple orange peels (or vegetables!) and allows the recovery of precious metals and battery raw materials  (lithium, cobalt, nickel, manganese, aluminum, copper) that can be sold to other companies for new products.

AraBat Firmenlogo

CarbonStack GmbH Firmenlogo

CarbonStack GmbH

CarbonStack collects data from various sources and use it to predict future outcomes depending on different climate scenarios. They sell these per hectare of analyzed area on a monthly basis as a SaaS model. They use these tools to help companies select reforestation sites, optimize tree species mix for permanent forests, and validate/verify carbon credit projects.


COLIPI is developing a biotech platform to upcycle CO2 and other carbon side streams to biomaterials. The first product will be oils. The platform consists of two fermentations, a bacterial CO2-capturing and a oil yeast fermentation part.

Colipi Firmenlogo

driveMybox Firmenlogo


driveMybox is creating a new digital platform that brings demand and supply together simply by organising container transports from the price request to the transport processing to the invoice and optimising them using intelligent processes.


FuelWell’s solution is diesel/gasoline (petrol) driven conventional transport fuel-system mounted plug-in devices model range named fuel promoters/activators. They are made to fit internal combustion engines starting with private vehicles, trucks, and tractors ending with vessels, planes, helicopters and electricity generators.

FuelWell Firmenlogo

Greenpixie Firmenlogo


Greenpixie takes existing cloud usage data and enriches it with emissions metrics. It employs an academically endorsed, audit-compliant, and ESG-aligned methodology that can effectively process trillions of lines of customer cloud data, integrating essential cloud emissions metrics.


Infrasolute's bridge monitoring sensors detect moisture, corrosion, cracks and changes in the structure at an early stage. The data is stored, so a history of the damage and the optimal time for repairs can be found. After the repair, a before/after picture can be created through the use of bridge monitoring.

Infrasolute Firmenlogo

Made My Day Firmenlogo

Make My Day

Make My Day’s top features include routing and charging optimisation, EV Fleet Management extensions, Pricing optimisation, Minimum charging and accurate battery prediction based on AI and machine learning.

Theolia GmbH

Theolia’s roof boxes double the space in the boot of the respective vehicle and through less air resistance, fuel and energy can be saved. The lid folds in about as flat as the roof rails of modern passenger cars and is made of fast plastic and metal parts.

Theolia GmbH Firmenlogo
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