Future Hamburg Award 2023: Here are our top 10 Candidates

Future Hamburg Award 2023 for international startups

Cities around the world are facing similar challenges. And the changes affect all areas of our everyday urban life: Our economy, society and climate. Everything is influenced by technological progress. But how can we ensure that our cities remain worth living in? What does a sustainable urban life look like?

The city of the future is a joint effort. That's why Hamburg wants to collaborate with the most innovative startups worldwide.

Our goal is to find new solutions for an economically strong, liveable and sustainable city.

The Future Hamburg Award honors forward-looking startups that help make cities more liveable and at the same time enrich the economy and society in metropolitan regions.

These three winning startups impressed our jury and were rewarded with the Future Hamburg Award 2023.

The ceremony took place on October 5, 2023 at the venue Plug and Play EXPLORE 2024 in the Factory Hammerbrooklyn in Hamburg.

Startups that are between 2 and 4 years old and are working on innovations and new solutions in the areas of GreenTech, mobility or logistics were able to apply. Applicants have the chance to win prizes that will further boost the startup: The first prize is a 1-month stay at the headquarters of our partner Plug and Play Tech Center in Silicon Valley and their international Accelerator Program. Other prizes include a pitch training from top-notch coaches and a mentoring program.  

Questions, requests, suggestions?
We look forward receiving your questions via email (award@future.hamburg).

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Challenges we are facing today are, for example:


Bigger, faster, greener

What does the port of the future look like? How can we use AI, Blockchain and IOT sustainably, and what impact does the smart port have on our everyday life?

Congested traffic

The movement of people and goods in our cities is growing incessantly. Which last-mile solutions can help? How does the city dweller of tomorrow move?

Innenansicht der U-Bahnstation Elbbrücken mit Zug
Hamburg Hafen

The end of fossil fuels is near

Our cities need clean and fresh air to breathe. How can we use renewable energies in our cities to reduce harmful emissions? Is green hydrogen the sustainable fuel of the future?

Why Hamburg?

In Hamburg, tradition meets modernity, research and science meet start-ups and global companies, and capital and entrepreneurial spirit meet unique ideas. This is how innovations are created, innovations that enhance people’s daily lives and that prepare the city for the future – both small and large, for its citizens, and for the world.

Leuchtende Lichter in der HafenCity