1st place: Heptasense (Lisbon, Portugal)

Heptasense offers a software program for CCTV cameras that gathers and processes information about recorded behaviour of individuals. Whenever a potential threat is detected, the security teams will receive an alert that is aligned with the relevant camera, enabling them to act more swiftly. The software protects people’s privacy by analysing behaviour only, i.e. face recognition features are not used. The Lisbon-based company is convinced that security can be achieved without compromising people’s privacy and that Europe should be leading the way in this respect.


2nd place: LignoPure (Hamburg, Germany)

LignoPure’s Lignin is a natural, biodegradable alternative to oil-based industrial products such as plastic microbeads. LignoPure’s mission is to produce lignin-based consumer goods for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries and to develop sustainable solutions in collaboration with stakeholders from the green economy. The LignoPure team aims to replace the majority of oil-based products with natural, renewable and organic-based alternatives. Their vision is to develop solutions today for the challenges of tomorrow’s world. Check out our portrait of LignoPure.


3rd place: Humanising Autonomy (London, UK)

Using artificial intelligence, Humanising Autonomy analyses behavioural data in order to predict the behaviour of vulnerable road users. Human behaviour differs widely and varies depending on the location, i.e. pedestrians in a small town will behave differently from people on the footpaths of cities like London. What is more, there are cultural differences in behaviour too. The company’s goal is to capture the patterns of such behaviour and establish a global standard for artificial intelligence.