Learn how to apply
with your startup!

We are looking for startups which demonstrate an outstanding growth, exceptional innovation and impact within their industry. Participation in the Future Hamburg Award is free of charge.




What should your startup bring to the table?

  • a maximum of ten years on the market
  • knowledge- or technology-based business model
  • at least a functioning or demonstrable prototype



How to apply:

  1. Click here and register.
  2. Check your emails (don’t forget the spam folder) and create a password.
  3. Fill out the form until 31/01/2019 and upload files if necessary.
  4. The form and files can be changed as desired during the application period.
  5. Once you hit send, your application is submitted.



What are the criteria your startup is judged against?

  • Level of innovation/originality: How innovative is your product? Is there a unique selling point?
  • Impact: How does the product contribute to offering solutions to the problems of the future? Is there a demand and some initial success?
  • Hamburg-relation: Will the startup profit from locating to Hamburg?



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Find the terms and conditions here.