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Energy system of the next generation

Wind energy is an essential element of the German energy transition. However, their sustainable use requires innovative solutions in three areas: efficient conversion of wind into electrical energy, management of supply fluctuations and controlled integration into the electricity grid.

1. November 2019

Challenge: Generating and using wind energy efficiently

The project X-Energy at the Innovation Center for Wind Energy, System Integration and Storage at the HAW Hamburg aims precisely at these crucial problem areas. One objective is the development of new wind turbine concepts for more efficient energy generation. Added to this is the intelligent coupling of the energy sector to large consumers such as heat and mobility, supplemented by new energy storage solutions to offset long-term fluctuations in supply and demand.

Solution: Generating wind energy, integrating systems, storing energy

The project X-Energy consists of currently 121 individual projects, which take up different aspects around the topic of renewable energies. It is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). 8 business partners primarily from the regional economy provide further funding and accompany practical project realization. The project has been running since 2017 and will be completed in 2020.

The sub-project X-SmartWind deals with technical solutions for optimized planning and better integration of wind farms in the overall system. X-Rotor is involved in plant engineering and examines the advantages and disadvantages of new plant concepts, such as two-blade and multi-rotor turbines.

The project Vibroacoustics deals with the reduction of noise emissions from wind turbines, in order to achieve a higher acceptance of such plants in the population. The same goal is being pursued by the X-Radar project with radar-based technologies to reduce nocturnal firing of wind turbines. In turn, the project FLEDERWIND focuses on measures for the protection of bats.

Sound emission monitoring solutions are the focus of the X-Eptance Impulse project. In addition, X-Eptance Explore deals with potentials for reducing sound and vibration.

The morFLEX project aims to develop methods for intelligent planning and control of industrial loads, while X-Store deals with the control of storage solutions.

The projects DUEME and READiTM-PtL are concerned with the long-term storage of electricity. This involves the conversion of electricity into methane without electrolysis and solutions for the indirect conversion of electrical energy into liquid hydrocarbons. The project ClimeworX uses CO² from the air to close the carbon cycle in the laboratories of the Technology Center Energy Campus in Hamburg Bergedorf in a climate-neutral manner.

Potential: Interdisciplinary path into the energy transition

The aim of the X-Energy project is to create a basis for new technologies and systems that will make the energy transition possible in the first place.

In order to ensure close practical relevance, close cooperation with companies from the energy sector has been planned right from the start. 8 companies, most of which are from the Hamburg metropolitan region, have agreed to do so and are also financially supporting the project. These are: Siemens Gamesa, Gfai Tech, Nexxoil, Quantec Sensors, Suzlon Energy, WKN, Averdung Engineers and Climeworks.

The Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg) thus becomes a leading innovation center for solutions in the field of the energy system and at the same time an important driver of innovation in the Hamburg metropolitan region.

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