Hamburg is Germany’s leading logistics player. Since 2018 the Next Logistics Accelerator (NLA) is driving even more innovation in the sector.
Founded by Hamburger Sparkasse, Logistik-Initiative-Hamburg and New Times Ventures, NLA puts its focus on business models in warehousing, IoT, transport and adjacent services (WIOTTA). Founders can receive investments of up to 50,000 €. In return, they have to offer between three to ten percent of their shares.

During NLA’s six-month-programme, entrepreneurs will not only be able to receive mentoring and coaching but also get the opportunity to pitch their product in front of a group of international corporations with a collective revenue of more than 20 billion dollars and international representations in more than 50 countries. Electively, founders can add another month with a partnering accelerator. “Hands-on partners are what distinguishes our network and are vital for startups”, states Miriam Kröger, Managing Partner.