Hanse Ventures is Hamburg’s company builder. Its focus is on startups that introduce offline industries into the World Wide Web. No matter if it is E-Commerce, Lead Generation or Software as Service. As an institutionalized co-founder, Hanse Ventures is actively involved in its investment, distinguishing itself from ordinary investors. „We stand side by side with entrepreneurs and give it all to reach our goals. Our aim is sustainable and successful companies. Not management-fees and bonuses, as it is the case with venture capital funds.“, explains Tobias Seikel, Partner at Hanse Ventures and COO.

Accompanying startups from start to exit. To achieve this, you can choose from a team of 25 experts in the fields of product, online marketing, business intelligence and human resources, depending on where you need support. A concept that has proven itself for xx years. Hanse Ventures has already lead xx startups to success.