Airbus BizLab is the global accelerator for the aerospace industry. The first Airbus BizLab has opened up in Toulouse in March 2015, followed by Hamburg and Bangalore. The most recent site in Madrid started up in Spring 2018. Here, startups and Airbus-entrepreneurs with innovative ideas can find the necessary know-how to realise their ideas. Coaches, aerospace-experts and a support-team will accompany the startups during a 6-months accelerator program. Together they observe the business plan, restructure ideas for maximum profit and find fitting solutions for upcoming problems. If requested, 150 Airbus-experts can offer technical- and business-advice in their respective fields.


Since its launch, Airbus BizLab accompanied 50 startups and 40 international projects on its way to success. „The technical revolution in aerospace is booming. We further accelerate that revolution by connecting dreamers and creators to accomplish a new vision for life.“, says Reymound-Yaw Buckman, Leader of the Airbus BizLab Hamburg.